Monday, 29 August 2011

29th August 2011 - 35 weeks

This week will be my 35th Birthday. Maybe freaky that I am now also 35 weeks pregnant!? Won't get too philosophical about the passing of time both in my life and my pregnancy, but I do feel like everything is rushing by at the moment.

Had two midwife appointments last week. The first with my regular midwife - where everything was fine. I did mention my pelvic pain again but apart from the advice to try pilates or swimming (two very scary concepts to me at the moment!) she couldn't really offer any great solution and pretty much made out that it's not long now so I should just grin and bear it. Great! The second appointment was with the Healthy Living Midwife, who is a very lovely lady called Suzanne who whilst having great nutritional advice is great to chat to about all aspects of having babies and life in general. She always cheers me up - ironic as when it was suggested at my booking appointment that I attend these meetings I expected it to be a lecture about my diet and exercise and really dreaded going. It turns out that I do actually know the right things to eat, and I eat a reasonably healthy diet. My main downfall I think is portion sizes and not drinking enough fluids. Since falling pregnant I have cut down on my portions, started eating more fruit and making sure I drink more low sugar low fat fluids - i.e. water! I truly believe that these small changes (and still having a few naughty things here and there) have enabled me to only put on a couple of pounds so far since my booking appointment.

Suzanne was very congratulatory and happy with my "efforts" and although I have obviously been keeping a track of my weight every week I haven't obsessed about it. Maybe the knowledge that health professionals will be weighing me on a regular basis has subconsciously scared me into weight loss? This must be the principle behind Weightwatchers too?! As you will see though I have managed to put on more weight this week, mostly due to eating too much of the wrong stuff!

Bought my first maternity top last week too - it is a navy blue jersey smock top with thin horizontal (!) stripes. It really highlights the shape of the top bump - I wore it Saturday night and felt like a proper pregnant woman for once! Even when buying the top (from Asda Living) the cashier asked how much longer I had left. I must have looked at her in so much shock that she was sure enough that I must be pregnant to ask such a question that she had to ask - it is for you isn't it? (Or she could have possibly been one of those people who always says the wrong thing!). I happily told her yes it is for me, I only have a few weeks left. Felt really chuffed afterwards. Maybe the last few weeks of my pregnancy people will actually realise I am pregnant!

Last week at work now - it was a Bank Holiday today so I only have four more days! I know it's going to drive me crazy wondering how things are going in my absence. But the hubby works there and I am good friends with one of the other designers too, who will keep me up to date with everything. Then again I might relish escaping from the stress and frustration. Hmm, knowing me, I will just be disappointed that the company hasn't gone to pot in my absence. It will be a reality check for me that's for sure. But once Bumpy makes his appearance I'm sure my mind will be occupied with other things! 6 Months off - wow - what a big change - it's a new life in so many ways!!

Here are my measurements for the week -

Bust - 52.5 inches (+0.5)
Waist - 53 inches (+0.5)
Hips - 57 inches (no change)
Weight - +1.4kg 

  • getting out of breath going up stairs!
  • strong twinges and painful aching in my pelvic area - especially around the pubic bone
  • heartburn at night if I eat too late
And now for the weekly shots -

35 weeks plan view

35 weeks side view

Sunday, 21 August 2011

21st August 2011 - 34 weeks

Wow it's getting close! Started packing my hospital bags today - yes bags - I have two so far. One for baby and the other for me! Washed most of Bumpys clothes and blankets also. I must admit it was really cute hanging up his tiny little clothes. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon enough on that side.

Feeling so much more cumbersome lately. Finding my bump (or should I say my top bump) gets in the way a little - like when opening doors or in the kitchen. Still wearing non-maternity clothes - except for the odd pair of leggings. I mostly live in empire line summer dresses, or long linen tops with leggings. Don't want to wear anything too baggy or anything that might cling in anyway to my bottom bump. If my dress has ties I now tie them at the front to accentuate my bump as I intend to make it as obvious as possible to everyone that yes I am pregnant, not just fat!!

In fact I lost a pound this week so I'm still pretty much the same weight I always am pre-pregnancy. Doesn't help in making me feel any lighter as my pelvis has been playing me up alot this week. Had so many disrupted night sleep lately. Great excuse to have an afternoon nap at the weekend. The hubby finished fixing and painting the family crib yesterday. Can't remember if I mentioned it already, but his family for the past 50 years have all used the same wicker crib when small babies. Even my husband was in this, so it's really lovely to carry on the tradition - even if it does mean another upholstery project.

Still don't dare get to get too excited, not exactly sure why. Maybe after everything that has happened this year I don't feel able to look too far ahead, or think that something good will actually happen. I know that once he is here I will feel different. But I do wish I could be as excited as some of my friends and family are. I keep getting asked if I am excited. I try not to give too unusual a response, but I can't pretend that I am on cloud nine. I often joke that as long as I can manage to keep him alive. Most people who know me know my sense of humour and are aware of my outlook on things. I've never been one to gush about babies anyway, and maybe I worry to much about the practical side of things. But I am looking forward to meeting him, and talking to him and watching him as he grows and develops his own personality and sense of humour. I'll enjoy teaching him things and watching him interact with everyone.

Not that I need any reminding, this is the one most important thing that I have ever done so far in my 35 years on this earth. I just don't want to screw it up!

Here are my measurements for the week -

Bust - 52 inches (-0.5)
Waist - 52.5 inches (+1)
Hips - 57 inches (+1.5 inch)
Weight - -0.2kg 

  • leg cramps - although haven't been as severe this week
  • more weird dreams
  • Periods of extreme tiredness - resulting in lovely deep sleep cat naps!
  • strong twinges and painful aching in my pelvic area - especially around the pubic bone
  • occasional sharp pains (are these braxton hicks?)

And now for the weekly shots -

34 weeks side view

34 weeks plan view

Sunday, 14 August 2011

14th August 2011 - 33 Weeks

Another week missed - sorry! Had my Mum, Nephew and Niece over to stay last weekend so my Sunday morning routine of photographing, measuring and weighing went out of the window again!

So - the past two weeks . . . Bumpy has been making his presence felt ever more lately. Just as I type this he has booted me in the side! I've felt heavier and less mobile. I think I look bigger too. Just noticed tonight that I have the start of a fresh stretchmark around my waist. This is where the skin is tightest - but as before it is still a waistline - the round bump hasn't magically appeared! Now on the subject of stretchmarks - I have loads already. On my tummy, sides, base of my back, tops my arms and my boobs. I go to great lengths to hide them and although most are very faded now they are still upsetting to me. I'm not overly bothered about getting new ones - not like most new mums are that maybe have never experienced stretchmarks before. But still I am covering myself in cocoa butter on a regular basis to minimise the effects.

Only three weeks left at work, this makes it all seem so much more real now. I'm not sure if I will then get four weeks before he arrives as I am thinking he may be early. So I do need to get prepared and pack my hospital bags and wash his clothes! I've been procrastinating about this lately, but I have been so busy at work and in my spare time so when I do get an evening to myself I just flake out of the sofa!

Saw my midwife last Tuesday. Everything was ok. She had a feel of my tummy but couldn't work out where the head was. It was a little embarrassing as I know my bottom podge was the reason why, it doesn't help as her examination table is really short and I have to bend my knees, so with being on a slope all my podge ends up at the bottom and she had to lift it (eurghh!) to use the heartbeat amplifier! The shame - but I'm sure the indignity will just continue when I'm in hospital! Personally I still think he is in the breach position as most kicks seem to be down below. But as I'm having another scan in three weeks we will know a little more then. I wonder if they will recommend a c-section if he is breach - as they did this for my sister. Not sure how I feel about this. In some ways I would be relieved as I know I will be a wimp when it comes to the pain, but of course I am in no way disillusioned in thinking that a c-section is an easier alternative - and the idea of recovering from major surgery with a newborn baby in tow is not an appealing one!

Here are my measurements for the week -

Bust - 52.5 inches (no change)
Waist - 51.5 inches (no change)
Hips - 55.5 inches (-1 inch)
Weight - +0.5kg 

My waist has definitely grown although the measurements don't back this up - what I think has happened is that it's just changed shape. I almost feel like my waist looks smaller from the front - but if you look at the plan view you can see how Bumpy is sticking our front now.
Weightwise - I'll be interested to see how my weight goes over the next few weeks and if I will end up lighter than I started after giving birth. Still not making an issue of it and am eating normally, but probably a little naughtier than usual as a few biscuits and chocolate buttons have sneaked their way into the shopping lately!

  • leg cramps at night - getting worse if I sit with my legs up for too long
  • increasingly vivid and weird dreams
  • Periods of extreme tiredness
  • more heartburn - but still irregular
  • twinges and painful aching in my pelvic area - especially around the pubic bone
  • increased discharge down below
  • headaches in the morning

And now for the weekly shots -

33 weeks pregnant side view

33 weeks pregnant plan view