Monday, 29 August 2011

29th August 2011 - 35 weeks

This week will be my 35th Birthday. Maybe freaky that I am now also 35 weeks pregnant!? Won't get too philosophical about the passing of time both in my life and my pregnancy, but I do feel like everything is rushing by at the moment.

Had two midwife appointments last week. The first with my regular midwife - where everything was fine. I did mention my pelvic pain again but apart from the advice to try pilates or swimming (two very scary concepts to me at the moment!) she couldn't really offer any great solution and pretty much made out that it's not long now so I should just grin and bear it. Great! The second appointment was with the Healthy Living Midwife, who is a very lovely lady called Suzanne who whilst having great nutritional advice is great to chat to about all aspects of having babies and life in general. She always cheers me up - ironic as when it was suggested at my booking appointment that I attend these meetings I expected it to be a lecture about my diet and exercise and really dreaded going. It turns out that I do actually know the right things to eat, and I eat a reasonably healthy diet. My main downfall I think is portion sizes and not drinking enough fluids. Since falling pregnant I have cut down on my portions, started eating more fruit and making sure I drink more low sugar low fat fluids - i.e. water! I truly believe that these small changes (and still having a few naughty things here and there) have enabled me to only put on a couple of pounds so far since my booking appointment.

Suzanne was very congratulatory and happy with my "efforts" and although I have obviously been keeping a track of my weight every week I haven't obsessed about it. Maybe the knowledge that health professionals will be weighing me on a regular basis has subconsciously scared me into weight loss? This must be the principle behind Weightwatchers too?! As you will see though I have managed to put on more weight this week, mostly due to eating too much of the wrong stuff!

Bought my first maternity top last week too - it is a navy blue jersey smock top with thin horizontal (!) stripes. It really highlights the shape of the top bump - I wore it Saturday night and felt like a proper pregnant woman for once! Even when buying the top (from Asda Living) the cashier asked how much longer I had left. I must have looked at her in so much shock that she was sure enough that I must be pregnant to ask such a question that she had to ask - it is for you isn't it? (Or she could have possibly been one of those people who always says the wrong thing!). I happily told her yes it is for me, I only have a few weeks left. Felt really chuffed afterwards. Maybe the last few weeks of my pregnancy people will actually realise I am pregnant!

Last week at work now - it was a Bank Holiday today so I only have four more days! I know it's going to drive me crazy wondering how things are going in my absence. But the hubby works there and I am good friends with one of the other designers too, who will keep me up to date with everything. Then again I might relish escaping from the stress and frustration. Hmm, knowing me, I will just be disappointed that the company hasn't gone to pot in my absence. It will be a reality check for me that's for sure. But once Bumpy makes his appearance I'm sure my mind will be occupied with other things! 6 Months off - wow - what a big change - it's a new life in so many ways!!

Here are my measurements for the week -

Bust - 52.5 inches (+0.5)
Waist - 53 inches (+0.5)
Hips - 57 inches (no change)
Weight - +1.4kg 

  • getting out of breath going up stairs!
  • strong twinges and painful aching in my pelvic area - especially around the pubic bone
  • heartburn at night if I eat too late
And now for the weekly shots -

35 weeks plan view

35 weeks side view

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