Sunday, 10 July 2011

10th July 2011 - 28 weeks

So I'm at the start of my Third trimester. The home stretch. Feeling under-prepared for bringing a baby into the house. Not that I don't have much of the stuff, it's just the practical side like feeding and sleeping patterns I worry about. I need to read some more to put my mind at rest.

Reading my last post was quite depressing. You'll be glad to hear that I'm feeling a lot brighter today. I had a few terrible days last week where I just couldn't lift myself out of the self pity and excessive crying. I know it's still early days so no wonder I'm up and down a lot. After saying how that physically I felt normal I found myself exhausted several times last week. Two or three nights I just laid on the sofa, not achieving much. Which I really hate as I have so much to do at the moment.

I have my Glucose Tolerance test tomorrow - so no food after 10pm tonight. My sister has had to have these so I kind of know what to expect. I'm more concerned about the growth scan on Wednesday as I am quite convinced now that the baby isn't growing enough. This is based on the fact that my tummy hasn't expanded much. There is an increase to my waist this month but overall I've only added about 4 inches since the start - is this normal? My mum told me several times over the weekend that I don't look 6 months pregnant. I haven't mentioned to anyone that I'm worried about the baby's growth, I just laugh off the fact that he is hiding in my podge. My top podge continues to expand above all else making it really hard to find clothes to wear that don't make me look too oddly shaped. I have a friends wedding to go to soon, god knows what I'm going to wear!

I finished the fitted sheets for the cot today - here's a photo of one of them on -

It's nice to add a bit of colour back into the room, as it is quite monochrome. And it's nice that the colours are to my taste - and not the bland palette of creams and pastels that the high street offer! I'll put more photos on soon as I get more organised.

Here are my measurements for the week -

Bust - 53 inches (-0.5)
Waist - 52 inches (+1.5)
Hips - 57 inches (no change)
Weight - +2.5kg (eek!!)

  • leg cramps during the night
  • sharp pain in the night if I try and flip over too quickly
  • still gagging in the morning and bringing up a lot of phlegm (TMI)
  • Periods of extreme tiredness

And now for the weekly shots - 

28 weeks plan view

28 weeks side view

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