Monday, 31 October 2011

He's here!!!!

Oh my word - what a relief. He's finally here - my very cute baby boy, Olly.

He arrived on Friday the 14th of October at 9.04pm after being induced the day before and being in active labour for about 10 hours. Five hours in I opted for an epidural as I really wasn't dealing with the pain and felt the urge to push far to soon. By the time I was transferred to Delivery from Antenatal I was 8-9cm dilated and the Anaesthetist was questioning whether the epidural was too late.
I did, for a moment, wonder if I could carry on without the drugs, but in the end I am so glad I did as it made the whole birth experience much calmer and pain free!
It's afterwards the problems occur as because I couldn't feel anything, pushing was hard to control and I think I actually pushed too hard - leaving me with second degree tears and a general feeling of everything being ruined down below!!
But that aside, baby Olly is perfect - he weighed 9lb 9oz! Wasn't expecting that! He was 12 days overdue at the end - and I didn't even have gestational diabetes. Despite what so many doctors say, overweight women are more than capable of giving birth without intervention. Yes he did need to be induced, and I had an epidural, but my out of condition body managed to push out a perfectly healthy, bouncing baby boy!
I will post more in the days to come but for now here is a picture of my little creation -


  1. Yay...Congratulations! He's beautiful! I just found out last night I'm pregnant!!

  2. i bet you never check this now but i have read the whole blog, and i just think you are wonderful :)