Thursday, 10 February 2011

28th January 2011 - 5 weeks

Based on the first day of my last period (25th December 2010) I am now Five Weeks pregnant!! Yesterday morning we had our positive test result and duly booked my first Midwife appointment for my 8th week.

So symptoms 
  • mild headaches - mostly around my forehead
  • pulling aching feeling on my right hand side
  • needing the loo more often
  • boobs are getting larger and more firmer by the day
  • bloating - mostly in the evening after eating a large meal
Before I fell pregnant I have been keeping a chart of my measurements so will add these also - 

These are my pregnancy measurements - 
Bust - 49 inches
Waist - 48.5 inches
Hips - 56.5 inches

And these were my measurements as of Sunday 30th January - 
Bust - 51.5 (+2.5)
Waist - 47 inches (-1.5)
Hips - 56 inches (-0.5)
Weight - 0kg

So far I think I have downloaded about 15 baby and pregnancy related apps for my iPhone but I haven't really found any of them that informative. One website I really like is Babycentre - which has really clear and straighforward info. The community side of the site is great too - there is one group in particular I have found super helpful which is Pregnant, Plus Size and Beyond There is also a belly gallery for plus size mums to be.

That's one aspect that concerns me already - will people ever notice I am pregnant? I already have a large belly and a spare tyre (both pre-pregnancy) and long for a lovely round baby bump. Some of the mums on the Babycentre forums talk about having a B-bump instead of a D-bump. Whilst in the whole scheme of things it seems a little trivial - as of course the most important thing is to have a healthy pregnancy and baby, but for us larger women we are often made to feel less feminine, and pregnancy is the most feminine time you can experience. You want to feel womanly, not just fatter - and the obvious D-bump is the best way to show others that you haven't just been eating more McDonalds, you have a little person growing in your tummy!

So I am posting weekly photos to see what changes are happening -

5.5 weeks

5.5 weeks

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