Friday, 11 February 2011

11th February 2011 - 6.5 weeks

Well I've had a pretty eventful week!

Telling the family went well. Everyone was over the moon. My Mum was a little shocked as I think she had written me off as some kind of crazy cat career woman! I had a very long day on Monday driving over 350 miles in one day as well as walking around a giant trade fair, all with a very stiff neck which I have strangely developed.

Then then next day I started to feel unwell. I had eaten some cashew nuts from my Graze box and started to feel a little queasy. I also felt very hot and generally a bit dodgy. I have a friend at work who knows I am pregnant and I think she raised suspicions of a co-worker by bringing me a glass of flat coke whilst I was in the ladies loo. I really don't want any rumours rushing around the office just yet. I was sick, but still didn't feel much better. I lasted until after lunch then I just had to give up and go home. I was getting the all too familiar feeling of tonsillitis which I have suffered with for years to varying degrees or another.

So I then spent the next day and a half in bed. Unable to take anything apart from one paracetamol every 8 hours. Normally I would dose myself up with ibuprofen or antibiotics but this time I had to ride it out. I was running a temperature which I knew could become dangerous if it got too high so my trusty ear thermometer was very well utilised to keep a check on it. I was also losing a lot of fluid so I tried to drink enough water as possible but it made me feel so queasy. I made the mistake of looking online about the dangers of running a temperature when pregnant, never a good idea when you feel so bad already!

But today I am feeling better and went back to work, I still have a really stiff neck which is really bugging me - not sure if this is in any way pregnancy related too? Hmmm. My mood was lifted also as today was the day of my second scan. I had felt really numb all week after the non-event last Saturday so I was trying to prepare myself for the worst. Luckily I had a different lady doing the scan, and she was very lovely, professional and skilled. Straight away she picked up a clear black oval with a squidgy looking prawn inside! It all happened so quickly it took me by surprise - and yes I shed a tear. I was so relieved!

Apparently I have a tilted uterus which means I am a little hard to scan. She also dated me at 6.5 weeks , not 7 weeks as I had thought, (the baby measured 6.5mm). She asked me again about my dates, it must not make sense somehow! The sonographer pointed out a very feint flickering which was the heart - to be honest it was really hard to see. I also saw my cyst on my left ovary which was still around 3.5cm - much clearer to see than the baby! She also pointed out that I have some fluid around my hip - I have suffered with pain in my hips, especially my right hip for a few years now. Have had xrays but they were inconclusive so generally I dose myself up ibuprofen to dull the pain - another thing I will have to grin and bear for the next 8 months. I do worry that later on this will become an issue - but keeping my fingers crossed for now.

So back to the baby! Yes so it is confirmed I have a baby in my belly! Yay! Blimey!!!

I will update my stats tomorrow when I weigh and measure myself tomorrow. I normally do this on a Sunday but I am flying off to Frankfurt for another trade show very early Sunday morning.

I will also post a photo of the scan as soon as possible.

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