Thursday, 10 February 2011

A little about me . . .

So, what can I tell you? I'm 34 (35 in August). I live in Kent in the UK with my husband and our two cats. We married last June (2010) after being together for 10 years.

I work as a giftware designer, but my real passion if for my craft business which I run part time (in a very small way). Last November the husb and I decided (after he had been bugging me for months) to start trying for a baby. So ever diligent I threw myself into researching how to do it!!

Us girls spend years trying not to get pregnant, so as silly as it sounds I knew very little about how my body worked and how to get pregnant. Many of my friends have children and some of them took years to conceive so I thought it would take several months at least. For the first month of trying (December) we didn't really put much effort into it, and I hadn't really worked out my cycle properly. But still convinced myself that as soon as we tried it would happen. But I found out on the 24th that I was wrong. So for January (2011) I decided to make a good go at it. I had downloaded the Pink Pad app in my iPhone which tracked my period and told me when I would be most fertile. I also invested in some sperm friendly lubricant (gross I know - but I wanted as much help as possible).

We then did the deed every day starting 3 days before my fertile period to the last day of my fertile period. After each attempt I stayed in bed, bottom raised for about an hour. I even tried visualising the little sperms meeting the egg! Not sure what worked but by the 17th of January I kind of knew it had.

I started feeling bloated and tired, then on the 20th I had light spotting, a few days before my period was due. This lasted for three days, with a little bit of pink on the first day, then brown on the other days. My nipples also became more sensitive and my boobs felt heavier. I also had a strange pulling feeling down the right side of my tummy, and needed the loo a little more than usual.

My period was due on the 24th of January, so by the 26th without any show we decided to test the next morning. By 3.30am I really needed a wee, but I knew that the first pee of the day would have the highest amount of the hcg hormone in which I needed for an accurate test. So I woke the husb up, he was really grumpy at first, we almost didn't bother testing as he was being so miserable and I didn't want to spoil the moment. But he woke up a little more and helped me. I already had a clean cup ready to wee into (not that accurate at weeing on a stick).

We used the basic Clear Blue test (the one that is a positive + sign for pregnant and a minus - sign for negative) I used the trusty iPhone to time the 2 minutes wait needed. Then sat down on the bed together, both bleary eyed and anxious we saw that the test was clearly positive. It's true when they say you feel a million different emotions at once - relief, happiness, fear, anxiety, excitement, pride, panic . . .

We cried and hugged a little and then went back to sleep (kind of).

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