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27th February 2011 - 9 weeks

Apologies for the lateness of this post - I had hoped to update my blog before my flight - but just ran out of time. I did manage to take photos and measurements that morning - really want to keep a good record of this pregnancy, I do love a good stat and comparison photo - even if it is of my expanding waistline!

So after a little hassle and NHS inefficiency I eventually picked up my blood thinning injections the day before my flight. I had been given 6 x 60ml of Clexane in prefilled syringes. Clexane is deemed safer than Warfarin as it doesn't stay in your system that long. Hence taking 4 hours before and then 24 hours after each long haul flight.

Luckily I'm not too squeamish with needles, but still the act of injecting yourself is very alien and not something I could ever get used to. Before the flight I had to do my first injection. Into my tummy. It stung like mad, and left a wonderf bruise the next day!

I still felt like an idiot going on this trip and risking my health and the baby's health. Friends and family mostly thought I shouldn't go either, which made me feel worse. I kept trying to keep things in perspective and fight against my natural instinct to dramatise things, but sometime you just can't help the way you feel. I did though try to adopt the bury your head in the sand approach, which helped somewhat.

I packed lots of nibbles and drinks to my already heavy suitcase - it ended up weighing 26kg! For one week! Food and drink can sometimes be a luxury on these trips, especially when my boss doesn't ever seem bothered about mealtimes! So I knew a well stocked supply of oat bars, biscuits and mini cheddars were essential!

The week before had been tough. Making excuses to be off for my booking appointment, trying to tie up loose ends at work, fulfilling orders for my craft business and of the worst part - attending my husbands Nans Interment. Interring someones ashes turns out to be a distastefully short but nonetheless traumatic event. Helped none by a cold, wet and grey afternoon. We were all worn out by the grief and tragedy of losing Nan, and it wasn't just my husband and I who couldn't help thinking how happy she would have been to hear about the baby. In fact she would have been the happiest of everyone as she had longed for this moment. Not that I'm religious, but I'd like to think she knows somehow, and is still happy.

On that note I guess I'd better tie things up and add my info -

Here are my measurements for this week -

Bust  - 51 inches - no change
Waist - 48 inches - no change
Hips - 55.5 (-0.5)
Weight - +0.1kg

  • queasiness - still, did throw up a couple of times
  • headaches
  • tiredness
  • emotional
And finally the weekly shots - 

9 weeks side view

9 weeks plan view

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