Sunday, 20 March 2011

20th March 2011 - 12 weeks

This week I have started to feel uncomfortable. I've suffered in the past with hip pain, especially on my right hand side. And for the last few nights I guess as things have been shifting around in there, I have been in some discomfort and on occasion reasonable pain.

Friday night was the worst. I woke up in a panic as the whole right side from my back all the way through me was in some kind of spasm. I had been sleeping on my back for too long - which I know I shouldn't do, but when you are asleep there isn't much you can do! Luckily, naturally I sleep on my left, the best side, but I still need to flip around as everything aches if you stay still for too long. After getting up, going to the loo, having a drink and finally getting back into bed the strong pain subsided, but left me feeling a little battered and very apprehensive of what further pain is yet to come!

I've tried not to think too much about giving birth, but now I have that little niggle in the bak of my head, and although I'd like to think I have a reasonable pain threshold, in actuality I worry that I will be a big wuss! I also worry that I may neve get a good nights sleep again, as I'm only going to get bigger now and once the baby is here they'll be even more reasons not to sleep!

I've decided to buy a body support pillow as scrunched up duvet and an old pillow just aren't helping, will pick it up tomorrow night - so wish me luck that it helps!

My tummy has changed alot this week. From having a small hardness amongst the squidge I now have a small pooch which feels firm and round. Still can't really see anything with clothes on, but there is definite expansion! Just checked the measurements I took this morning and amazingly there's no real change - have put on a couple pounds, but my diet this week has been a bit rubbish and I haven't thrown up as much either.

Next week I'll be able to update you on the scan which is on Tuesday. We will also be telling some more friends on Saturday - not sure how they'll react - especially when one of them realises I am due near their wedding day!

Here are my measurements for this week -

Bust  - 51.5 inches (no change)
Waist - 49.5 inches (+.05)
Hips - 56 (no change)
Weight - +0.9kg

Surprised there isn't a greater change - really feel alot bigger and heavier this week.

  • Hip Pain
  • Backache
  • Mild Headaches - these seem to be getting better
  • Mild Queasiness
  • Rounder firmer tummy - just below belly button
And finally the weekly shots -

12 weeks side view

12 weeks plan view

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