Sunday, 10 April 2011

10th April 2011 - 15 weeks

A slightly less eventful week than previous - thank god! Now that everyone knows I am feeling a little more self conscious - especially at work where I feel I am the focus of attention. Even choosing what to wear in the mornings has become trickier as I don't want to suddenly start dressing like a pregnant woman, but it's been so hot this week I've had to crack open my summer wardrobe which involves empire line dresses which even in my non-pregnant days looked a little like maternity wear.

Still no visible bump, my lower tummy is sticking out a tiny bit and my top tummy feels a little firmer. My hubby says I look different but I think you will see from my weekly shots that I still look like I've always looked. Really hope that my B bump turns into a D bump at some point soon. Every morning I love being able to clearly feel the shape of the ever growing uterus pushed up by my bladder.

Went to see a midwife for a healthy eating appointment also during the week. Thought I might get lectured, but after a lovely chat the midwife said - well you look very healthy to me and your weight isn't a concern to me, just avoid putting on too much and don't each the same portions as your husband (my main issue I think as otherwise we eat really well). Am really keen not to gain more than a stone - hence keeping a close check every week - which is realistic. If I do put on more then I will just have to work harder after to get it off, but if I limit myself then I'm not going to feel any more cumbersome than I need to!

Have taken to talking to "Bumpy" a lot more, teaching them already about the outside world, singing to him in the shower apologising in advance for my lack of parenting know-how! Like I said last week the cloud of fear and negativity has lifted, not that I'm not still a little apprehensive, but now it is balanced with excitement and love. Went to look at push chairs today. Have been looking online but that really doesn't help, so we went to a large Mothercare store to see what they had. The hubby liked the Bugaboo Cameleon, which I took an instant dislike to once I saw the cot attachment - it just looked too boxy, and the colour choices weren't great either. After an early love affair with the ridiculously expensive Stokke Xplory I realised I also liked the slightly more affordable Quinny Buzz 3. The assistant showed us how to attach all the bits, took it for a test drive and tried folding it down. Loved the fact it raises itself up hydraulically and the colour choices were nice also.

Hubby wants to buy a second hand one as he says that we buy second hand cars, so why not a buggy, but apart from the cost saving I just don't like the idea of putting our new little person in someone else's grime - maybe I'm being irrational, but I think babies should be surrounded in newness and soft clean things!

Lets see who wins the argument!

Here are my measurements for this week -

Bust  - 51.6 inches (+0.5)
Waist - 48.5 inches (-0.5)
Hips - 56 (-0.5)
Weight - -2.8g

So weirdly after my big increase in weight last week I am now lighter than I have been all year - trying to figure out why, the scales are right as the hubby weighs himself at the gym and home and they always tally up. And I always weigh myself after going to the loo every Sunday morning. Maybe it's water retention, like I said it's been hot this week and I've probably not been drinking enough.

  • Still feeling sick if I eat or drink too quickly in the mornings
  • Flipping around alot in the night, trying to sleep on my sides but have been getting a little more hip pain.
  • Have also noticed that I've had more hiccups than usual.
  • Very runny nose and sneezing - so could be hayfever - not sure.
  • Still quite tired and have had to go to bed early a few nights this week.
And finally the weekly shots -

15 weeks side view

15 weeks plan view

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