Sunday, 24 April 2011

24th April 2011 - 17 weeks

Another week has flown by and I'm getting closer to the half way point now! Have my 20 week scan booked for the 11th May. Been planning the nursery this week and have now decided on the cot - it's this modern cot bed from Izziwotnot -

And have also ordered this funky changing mat from Hoppop - 

And for the pram - I think we've finally decided on The Quinny Buzz 3 in the Natural mavis colourway - 

Which works really well with the coloured snow Maxi Cosi car seat - 

I'm not a big lover of babies in black prams and car seats - and was almost going to go for the red Quinny as it is a nice bright colour but then I opted for the least practical pale colour! If Quinny had a lime green or a turquiose in their new range I would have been very happy indeed - but it seems as if they have decided to play it safe with their 2011 colours.

It's been really hot again this week which has meant I was able to wear my new summer dresses - although one of them made me look about 8 months pregnant! I still don't look pregnant though, and even though Bumpy is growing every day and feels much bigger every day it isn't obvious to anyone yet, but I'm hopeful that it won't be too much longer as he is definitely rising up and will hopefully fill in the gap in between my top and bottom bulge!

Here are my measurements for this week -

Bust  - 51.5 inches (no change)
Waist - 49 inches (+ 0.5)
Hips - 55.5 (+0.5)
Weight - +0.6g

So a small increase and I've got a feeling that this is the start of the great expansion!

  • more energy
  • hip pain
  • increased appetite
  • crying easily!
And finally the weekly shots -

17 weeks plan view

17 weeks side view

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