Sunday, 3 April 2011

3rd April 2011 - 14 weeks

Well good news - everything looked ok. Had the scan first thing Monday and heard baby's heartbeat straight away. The sonographer couldn't see any reason for the bleeding. Also - the scan didn't hurt, despite a very full bladder! The baby was in a funny position with it's head tucked down, and it was even using my placenta as a pillow!

I guess I knew deep down it would be ok, maybe a mothers intuition - but to have it confirmed was a big relief. Then on Wednesday I had my NT scan. Which also didn't hurt, although where my skin is badly damaged by old stretch marks at the very bottom it did feel sore afterwards from the pulling. At the end they even let a trainee have a go and she managed to get some good pictures - here's my favourite -

After the scan I then had a blood test then my blood pressure taken. I then had to wait to see the consultant. I saw a lovely Doctor who studied my medical history and seemed quite concerned about my Pulmonary Embolism five years ago - so it was decided that I would need to inject myself with Fragmin every day up until 6 weeks after the baby is born. I wasn't overly surprised by this and I had been concerned myself considering the extra risks involved - so in a way it's kind of peace of mind. The injections aren't too tricky either, they sting a little, but are much easier than the Clexane injections I had to take when flying. 

So the next day the hubby and I went into work (we work at the same place) and told the bosses! My boss the MD was a little freaked out - he relies on me too much, and also uses me as an emotional crutch some times when times are tough. I've been there 11 years now and despite getting married last year my boss was in denial that I would ever want kids as he thought my career was too important to me. My career is important, but not at the cost of my life as a whole. He will get used to this, but I just hope now that I still have a worth at the company - I now have the fabulous job of advertising and interviewing for my maternity cover! 

Then of course we let everyone else know - colleagues and the obligatory facebook announcement - which I was dreading as I worried that I wouldn't get many comments but it went crazy and everyone I hoped would comment did - with a few extras thrown in as a bonus. I've been feeling more positive about things recently too - I think the first part of my pregnancy I've been either in denial or dare I say it regret. But I'm blaming my hormones now as every morning I rub my growing bump (still small in comparison to my existing belly) and smile. I think I'm getting used to the idea of having a baby now - maybe it's taken me a little longer than most, but it's starting to sink in. I've even been planning the nursery - something a few weeks ago I had no interest in. I guess I'm not a natural mother, and worry that my life will change for the worse, but I have to remind myself of how I would feel if I had just carried on as normal, my life would have been more financially secure, my house tidier, my marriage emptier. God I sound so depressing! This is coming out all wrong - this little miracle was completely planned and wished for - but I guess a big part of me never believed it would actually happen - it only happened to other people - adults! I still feel like a 13 year old half the time!

Hmm  - on that note lets tie this us and get on with the stats!

Here are my measurements for this week -

Bust  - 51 inches (-0.5)
Waist - 49 inches (no change)
Hips - 56.5 (no change)
Weight - +2.3g

Not happy about the weight gain - that's 5 pounds in a week! A week having granola for breakfast and cous cous for lunch! The week before I had three cheese baguettes and cakes at work for three people birthdays! Maybe my scales are on the blink as my measurements are pretty much the same - hmm . . . 

  • the bump feels so much more real this week - and is starting to be noticeable when I'm dressed too. Still small in comparison to the rest of me but it has potential!!
  • headaches have gone, I'm feeling more energetic and positive and generally better all around
  • Still have a little queasiness, and can feel dizzy if I overdo things
And finally the weekly shots -

14 weeks side view

14 weeks plan view (+ cat)

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