Sunday, 15 May 2011

15th May 2011 - 20 weeks

Unfortunately this has been the worst week of my life so far.

Totally unrelated to the baby. In fact we found out this week at my 20 week scan that we are having a little boy! I admit I was disappointed that he wasn't a girl, but as we had been referring to him as a he all this time it just seemed right. 

The bad news is that we have discovered that my Dad has cancer. He's been unwell for a little while but has mostly suffered in silence, until when he finally admitted that he needed treatment. They were in Spain when this happened and were told to come home immediately. Which they did and the night they arrived home he was rushed to hospital again. We have been told that he has pancreatic cancer which has spread to his liver. It doesn't look good, we are all completely devastated. I don't even think he will make it to see the baby born. I've been crying almost constantly and feel so sorry for him, my mum and my sister. I know that most of us have to go through the death of their parents at some point in life, but it seems like the wrong time. I don't know if I'm mentally strong enough to cope with this at the moment. I'm trying to keep busy as this helps but it's all I can think about from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep.

Sorry for the depressing post this week.

Here are my measurements for the week -

Bust - 51.5 inches (+0.5)
Waist - 49.5 inches (+1)
Hips - 56 inches (no change)
Weight - -0.8kg

  • constipation
  • back ache
  • aches very low down
And now for the weekly shots - 

20 weeks side view

20 weeks plan view

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