Sunday, 8 May 2011

8th May 2011 - 19 weeks

The biggest joy of pregnancy this week has had to be the c word - constipation!! Please excuse the toilet talk but having read previously how this can be an issue I have now discovered it for myself. To be honest I'm not the most dynamic person in the bowel area but this has always been easily remedied with extra fluids. But even with the extra fluids, lots of fruit and high fibre diet I'm still getting bunged up.

I had already bought some Fybogel in readiness and had to use two sachets this week. I may have to see if there is anything else I can do thats safe for the baby as I found the whole ordeal very stressful!

I've had a lot of backache this week and find myself feeling very uncomfortable in bed. I'm now on my fourth pillow configuration, I've tried a specialist memory foam maternity pillow - too heavy, a memory foam head pillow - wrong shape, a large throw cushion - too thick and hot and now I am onto my own creation of a cuddle cushion - or sleep sausage as I like to call it! All it is, is a single duvet (with cover) rolled up and kept in place in several places with ribbon - not very sophisticated but it means I can wrap my leg over it, cuddle it and not squash my tummy all at the same time. It's also light enough so I can hold onto it when I change sides. Although I'm really trying not to sleep on my right side as this really aggravates my right hip.

I worry that I may never have a decent nights sleep again as the discomfort will only worsen and once the baby arrives I'm sure the nights will never be peaceful again! I'm feeling sorry for myself - can you tell?

Three days now until my "20 week" scan. Really need to see the baby and to make things as little more real again. I'm worrying at the moment that I can't feel them move enough - but the subtle fluttery bubbling feeling I have is so subtle I'm still not 100% sure that it is the baby I am feeling. I'm hoping too that we can get a definite answer on whether this is a girl or a boy. I really need to know. Once I can put a name to the bump (or should I say bulge) then I can start to come to terms with the reality of being someones mum!

Here are my measurements for the week -

Bust - 51 inches (-0.5)
Waist - 48.5 inches (no change)
Hips - 56 inches (no change)
Weight - +0.4kg

Hoping this isn't the start of the weight gain!! But still don't look any different!! All that's happening is my top podge is getting a little bigger and firmer as my internal organs are being squished up - but Bumpy (now to be know as Bulgey) is still nestled in my podge!! Come out and give a proper round bump!!

  • severe constipation
  • back ache
  • crazy dreams
  • worrying
And now for the weekly shots - 

19 weeks side view

19 weeks plan view

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  1. Thanks for posting. I am almost 15 weeks and a similar body type. I am 5'10" 98kg size 16/18. Small chest but a bit of a belly. I was 118kg a few years back, got down to 88kg then gained 8kg in the passed year and 2kg since the start of the pregnancy. I have been curious how my body will change over the next few months. I look forward to your future posts. X Sarah