Monday, 12 September 2011

12th September 2011 - 37 weeks

Really starting to feel heavily pregnant now! Had my 36 weeks growth scan last week, Bumpy is head down, facing to the back with his back on the right side of my belly and his feet and arms the other. Bottom is at the top! Glad he was in a normal position, and my placenta is high posterior too. They estimated his weight at 6lbs 15oz which is normal apparantly, but shocked me a little. Still wondering how he is fitting in there!

Actually enjoying my bump now as it is obvious to most people what's in there. Some still aren't sure, but I think I actually look pregnant now - what does everyone else think - here's a side shot of me in my polka dot nightie showing how most empire line tops and dresses hang from me now -

After my scan I saw one of the hospital midwives to check my BP, urine etc. All fine. Then next I saw one of the consultants. A different lady to who I normally see. Nice enough, but she decided to try to put the fear of god in me. She insisted that I meet with an anaesthetist so they can see whether I can be easily fitted with an epidural and I'm assuming to discuss the extra risks, not just with my weight, but with the Fragmin I am on. She felt she needed to tell me that ladies with a high BMI such as mine often have difficulty giving birth and often need help. I know the facts, and that the risks are slightly increased, and realise that she was trying to make me aware, but I could imagine her approach could easily petrify some women. My husband was quite taken aback by her scaremongering also. Just hope I can prove her wrong!

Don't think it will be much longer - each night I wonder whether tonight will be the night! Been pretty uncomfortable lately. Last night was terrible in particular. I had spent the day in London watching the cricket so the combination of lots of stairs, walking and sitting on a fold up plastic chair really took their toll when I was in bed. My whole pelvis was aching alot, and kept seizing up. To add to my woes every time I tried to move the backs of my thighs and my shins started to cramp. Every position was uncomfortable, even putting a cushion between my legs became too painful a task at times. I did manage some sleep but woke up to even more pain as everything had fixed, meaning a complicated and painful procedure of un-fixing myself (and then a trip to the loo!).

The NCT lady told me about the Pelvic Partnership (link) a Charity dedicated to informing women about PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) which is what I have discovered is the correct term rather than SPD as it covers the whole pelvis and not just the Pubis Symphysis. Until I had found this website I had assumed that this was all par for the course and I should just put up with it. But to the contrary, I shouldn't be fobbed off by health professionals and should actively demand/seek treatment for this. The treatment though involves being seen by a Chiropractor/Osteopath or Physiotherapist who can manipulate the affected areas to often bring substantial relief. Great news, only that due to my sheer embarrassment of the idea of stripping to my underwear and being wiggled around and will not be seeking this help. I know, I'm an idiot, but I just can't bear the humiliation - no matter how much pain I am in. Plus, I guess it's preparing me a little for the pain to come? If it persists after Bumpy gets here I may have to do something, but I'm hoping that it will improve after - and I have mentioned this in my birth plan so the midwives know that I cannot swing my legs around as easily as most and get fixed if I stay in one position too long.

Just had a thought - this time next week he could be here! Have been talking to him lately to tell him about the outside world, and how everyone is looking forward to seeing him. I think he must have the hiccups at the moment, as his movements are too regular to be normal kicks. Have noticed this more and more in the past couple weeks. Have been the checking the times to see when he does this as some people say that when their babies arrive they sometimes still have hiccups at the same times! It's also supposed to be a sign of a mature respiratory system.

I guess most women reach this stage where you go from "Oh I have plenty of time til the baby arrives" and "Oh my god he could arrive any day now!" It's a funny kind of calm panic. I'm still not as prepared as I would like to be - I have a long list of cleaning duties still to do - and still cannot find something to give birth in - I need to have something I will feel feminine in, that will cover any rude bits (even when bending over) and will be cool and comfortable. Easier said than done it seems!

Need to take more photos of the nursery and all of his bits and bobs - he has so many cute things now. My dearest friend made him a quilt with his name embroidered on it (surname only) - I cried when she gave it to me as it was so pretty and made with so much love. Hopefully I will find time between now and then to take photos so I can upload them on here. Unless I am busy in other ways!!!

Here are my measurements for the week -

Bust - 52.5 inches (+0.5)
Waist - 53 inches (-1.5)
Hips - 57.5 inches (-0.5)
Weight - +0.4kg 

  • shooting pains (up there)
  • been sick a little more lately - no room in my tummy anymore!
  • emotional (more than usual!)
  • periods of extreme tiredness
  • sometimes feeling clammy and hot
  • leg cramps
  • bleeding gums (had this since the start really but don't know whether I've mentioned it before)
  • strong twinges and painful aching in my pelvic area - especially around the pubic bone
  • heartburn at night if I eat too late
And now for the weekly shots -

37 weeks plan view

37 weeks side view

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