Thursday, 22 September 2011

22nd September 2011 - 38 weeks

Another delayed post, sorry. Not sure where my time goes at the moment! Certainly have been keeping busy since going on Maternity Leave!

So what's been going on, well we went on the tour of the hospital this week. I'm going to the new Pembury Hospital in Tunbridge Wells. Its very modern and has the feeling of an international airport, rather than a hospital! The wards are all private rooms with ensuite shower or bathrooms, with most of the rooms having views of the local woodland - sounds idyllic. Not sure how much I will be appreciating the views during my stay there!

Night times have been hard lately. It's so painful now trying to sleep. I end up spending too long on each side - just trying to avoid flipping which is an awful feeling. Feels like my pelvis is going to snap. And what with the baby squashing my bladder painfully I rarely feel rested when I get up. Really hope this will all disappear once the baby arrives.

I know I must have sai it a million times but I still can't believe I will have a baby soon - it's going to be so surreal. Today I'm feeling a little more positive about everything, but I must admit I've had some bad days - feeling quite negative and very very emotional. I hate to put it all down to pregnancy hormones, but I guess they must have influence - helping to magnify the bad feelings. I know I need to make more of an effort to keep positive, it's really not fair on the baby. But easier said than done - plus I've always been prone to feeling sorry for myself.

On a positive note - a stranger realised I was pregnant last night! I was meeting up with the girls from my nct class at a local restaurant and the maitre d said I know which table you are here for and took me straight to the group - I felt normal for once!

Trying to kickstart my nesting instinct but really not getting in the mood - feeling a little lazy in general really, which doesn't help as there are still lots of things to do - nothing major, and nothing that can't wait - but everyone keeps telling me that life will be so hard and so different soon than I want to be as prepared as possible!

Will try and post earlier next week - unless I'm busy giving birth!!

Here are my measurements for the week -

Bust - 52.5 inches (no change)
Waist - 52 inches (-1)
Hips - 55.5 inches (-2.5)
Weight - -0.1kg 

  • emotional (more than usual!)
  • periods of extreme tiredness
  • sometimes feeling clammy and hot
  • leg cramps
  • strong twinges and painful aching in my pelvic area - especially around the pubic bone
  • heartburn at night if I eat too late
And now for the weekly shots -

38 weeks side view

38 weeks plan view

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