Sunday, 25 September 2011

25th September 2011 - 39 weeks

Thought I'd best make an effort to post on time this week! Am officially 39 weeks today, feeling a little cumbersome. Heard that there is going to be a heatwave over the next two weeks so am a little concerned at how I will cope with this! Running out of things to wear and was quite glad that the weather was getting cooler so I could wear some of my winter tunic tops - great for bump coverage!

I feel like I'm not thinking enough about the baby arriving. I find myself wasting time on the internet, then doing stuff for work (!), and making lists, and more lists - but I need to focus on the BIG event that is going to wallop me around the head any moment now.

Blimey am I going to have a shock to the system! Feeling frustrated not being able to jump up and do things either due to my pelvic pain or lack of energy - but I guess that's where most women find themselves at this stage. Haven't reached the point where I want him out yet, I'm quite happy for another week or two - although I am getting a litte concerned about how big he will be! He has really grown in the past two weeks - I've gone from looking fatter to looking very pregnant all of a sudden. It's nice to finally feel almost normal, even if it's still in an abnormal way - if that makes sense?

Running out of steam now so will cut this blog short - as usual - who knows whether I will be blogging this time next week - to be continued . . .

Here are my measurements for the week -

Bust - 53.5 inches (+1)
Waist - 53.5 inches (+1.5)
Hips - 57.5 inches (+2.5)
Weight - +1kg 

  • emotional (more than usual!)
  • periods of extreme tiredness
  • sometimes feeling clammy and hot
  • leg cramps
  • strong twinges and painful aching in my pelvic area - especially around the pubic bone
  • heartburn at night if I eat too late
And now for the weekly shots -

39 weeks plan view

39 weeks side view

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